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We are a full service landscape design and construction firm.  Our firm is modeled on a platform of designers that collaborate on every design to give you the best vision for your project.  We are especially interested in working with nature and the ecology of the land to develop plans and protocols for sustainable living landscapes by incorporating  the best of green technology with artistic sensibility.  We produce on of a kind landscape environments hand tailored to the client's culture, taste, desires and budgets.  In pursuit of our mission "to exceed our client's expectations", our goal is to create environmentally sound and compatible with greater community.  We are obsessed with creative ideas, inspired by nature and passionate about the spaces we create through an intuitive and analytical design process.  Our ultimate goal is to oversee the whole process from design to installation making it an organic transition to give you the ultimate in quality


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Tel: 914.275.6020

156 Weaver St. Larchmont, NY 10538

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