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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the design process take?

Most smaller projects are generally completed in 8-12 weeks.  Larger projects will take approximately 15-30 weeks.  These time frames are approximate and may be shorter of longer depending on the volume of projects we have in progress at any given time.

What do I get with the consultation fee?

The consultation fee covers an in-person meeting with Jess Zavaglia at your property.  It also includes the write up of a design proposal, which is a worded description of the scope of work that is proposed to be done on your property in addition to a cost break down of creating a design for you.

 Will I get an actual design after the consultation meeting is completed?

As mentioned above, you will receive a design proposal which is included in the consultation fee.  If you are satisfied with the terms of the design proposal, once it is returned to us signed with the initial deposit detailed in your proposal, then our designers will begin work on creating a design concept for your property.

Is there a fixed price for your designs?

Since each design is tailored to a specific client’s property, the cost of the designs will vary based on the scope of work proposed for each client. 

Is there a minimum size property that you will work with?

We work with all sizes of properties.

Is there a minimum budget amount that you will work with?

When determining your budget, a good rule of thumb is to plan spending anywhere from 15%-20% of the value of your home for outdoor landscape improvements.  Be aware that the scale, materials and complexity of the project will impact the total cost of your project.

How soon can we start our project?

Once a deposit, signed contract, and property survey is received, we can schedule a site analysis and then the design process begins.

Our design is done.  What happens next?

You will then have a great conceptual design plan that can be presented to any contractor to bid on.  Should you wish, our sister company, Anthony Zavaglia Inc. would be happy to come to your property to do a walk through and come up with a budget estimate for your project.

Do I need permits for my project?

Any project that contains construction elements will most likely require permits and the permitting process is individual to the local ordinances. At the end of the design process, you will have a concept to present to your local building department who will then guide you in the next steps .  Any projects that are comprised only of plant installations will not need any permits.

Will you take care of the permitting process for me?

Clients must contact their local municipality (we can provide a list of contacts for local municipalities) and fill out to the best of their ability, the appropriate paperwork to apply for a building permit for your project.  The Client is also responsible for submitting the paperwork and  it is the property owner’s responsibility for following up with municipalities regarding their permit status.

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