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At Zavaglia Associates, our team of professional landscape designers look forward to helping you achieve your design goals for your outdoor spaces. 


Consultation Meeting

A one-on-one meeting with head designer, Jess Zavaglia. We'll discuss your landscape vision on-site.  A consultation fee of $200 for this service will be charged.  This covers the in-person meeting and the creation of a design proposal.

Design Proposal

Covered under the $200 consultation fee, a design proposal will be drafted for you.  This will have a worded description of the scope of work that is proposed to be done on your property in addition to a cost break down of creating a design for you.


Site Analysis

Once a signed design proposal, initial deposit and property survey is received from the client, then a site analysis will be scheduled.  During this analysis,  additional photos and measurements will be taken to be used in the design process. 

Design Concept

The information from the consultation meeting, design proposal and site analysis will be combined to create a design concept for the client. 

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Design Concept Review

Once the design concept is completed, a meeting will be scheduled to review this with the client. 

Final Design Presentation

This will include:

  • Scope of work

  • Images of plants selected for the property

  • Images of materials and other visual inspiration for the design

  • 2d rendering of the planting/or hardscape design plan

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