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Considering adding an outdoor kitchen to your property? Here is how to start your planning.

February 2024

Beautiful outddoor kitchen with bluestone patio, stainless steel appliances, stone veneer base and bluestone countertop

This custom kitchen included a 36" grill, receptacles for garbage and recycling, a sink, storage drawers, and a pizza oven. The materials that were used to construct the kitchen were a stone veneer and a bluestone countertop with the base of the outdoor kitchen in bluestone pavers.


I have seen a growing trend in clients wanting to participate in more outdoor living experiences with their friends and families. More and more people are approaching me in consultations expressing an interest in outdoor cooking and entertaining.  Our clients have been requesting anything from simple built-ins to more elaborate outdoor kitchen setups which contain every appliance that you would find in the kitchens within their homes.

Now whether you are looking for a very basic outdoor kitchen or something with all the bells and whistles possible, the way we approach our kitchen designs is by starting as we do with all our designs, and that is by getting insight into our clients lifestyles and how they want to entertain. Some questions we ask to get to know how they want their layout and kitchen designed are:


  • Who will be doing the cooking?

  • What do you like to cook?

  • Do you entertain casually or buffet-style?

  • How many people do you host?

Usually, we try to get a range of the amount individuals from the homeowner: for example as small as 4 but as large as 20 people.

From these questions, we can start visualizing the potential size and functionality of the proposed kitchen. Once we get an idea of how the homeowner plans to use their spaces, then we move into planning the layout of the space.

Some varied additional questions we are faced with answering once we hit this portion of the planning stage can be:

  • What size of grill would best fit the homeowner's space and cooking needs?

  • How much counter space is needed for food preparation?

  • Do we add an island for additional seating or to accommodate storage options?

  • Is a paper towel dispenser required?

  • How does the homeowner wish to deal with garbage and/or recycling? Do we need to provide discreet options for them that will keep receptacles hidden from view?

  • What type and size of an outdoor fridge will accommodate the homeowner's entertaining needs?

  • What type of pizza oven is the homeowner looking for? Wood burning or gas? Countertop or freestanding?

  • Is a sink requested by the homeowner? What size is best for their needs?


Once we finalize the kitchen layout, we move into the budgeting/estimating portion of planning. Now we can begin sourcing the appliances and materials needed to fulfill the layout design needs. It's important that these two steps go hand in hand, as the budget may reflect the type of materials the clients choose. 

The materials and the elements will also determine whether or not other professionals need to be brought into the installation process.

These additional professionals may include (depending on the design):

  • Plumbers

  • Electricians

  • Audio visual specialists

  • Engineers (depending on each town's process)

With the proper foresight and attention to detail, we can create a beautiful custom-built kitchen that works for each client's goals, priorities, and design aesthetics.  Some examples of outdoor kitchens that we have created can be seen below.

Picture 1. (top) Stone veneer, bluestone patio, bluestone countertop, 36" grill, garbage receptacle, sink, bar and electrical outlets.

Picture 2. (middle) Stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets, 36" grill, pizza oven, bar and Caesarstone countertop.

Picture 3. (bottom) Outdoor dining for 6, bluestone patio, white painted brick, fridge, 36" grill, garbage receptacle, electrical outlets, Caesarstone countertop.


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