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First signs of spring: using bulbs in your garden space

March 2024

Elegant white tulips frame out the front walkway to this Westchester home
Elegant white tulips frame out the front walkway to this Westchester home


Spring is one of my favorite times of the year.  The days are longer and people are outside enjoying the beauty of nature.  This is such a special time as we start seeing all the plants start to wake up. 

We like using bulbs in our designs because once blooming, they are the first signs of spring in our area. When everything still looks dormant, the bulbs that we planted late fall winter are starting to show life before any of the other trees, shrubs and perennials. Its an important part of the design when we are looking for an early spring pop of color and life. It's also a breath of fresh air and vibrancy to bring us out of the doldrums of the cold winter.


Here are three of my favorite bulbs to plant that offer a variety of color and seasonal spring interests:

Allium - This plant adds a fun structural interest to a border. The spherical blooms can be cut and brought inside anywhere from May through July, depending on the variety. To see more beautiful varieties of this plant, click here.

Round spherical white allium flowers standout in agreen garden space


Narcissus - Most people are familiar with one of the common names of this plant: daffodils. These bulbs bloom during March and April. To see more examples of narcissus plants, click here.

Bright yellow daffodil narcissus flowerd bring color to a garden


Crocus - These flowers begin to bloom in March. They are often planted in drifts and I find that they add a much-needed pop of color to the garden. More examples of other crocus flowers can be found here.

Small drifts of crocus flowers bring eye-catching pops of color for a garden



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