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Before and After - Westchester Harrison Front Yard Transformation

March 2024

Boxwood evergreens, white amsonia, pink roses and blue salvia flowers help showcase this stately Westchester home.was included as well.

This client came to us and wanted to add curb appeal to their front yard. The existing landscape felt very dated in style. It was comprised of shrubbery of similar textures and colors which appeared to have taken over the house, obscuring its beautiful architecture. Our goal with the landscaping, was to offer the homeowner a colorful plant palette that would create seasonal interest as well as highlighting the home's striking architectural elements.



As one could see, the shrubbery in the front of this home were overly large. Their proportions overtook one's view of the home. The color palette was very neutral and did not allow the property to pop in any way. The visual interest was not as eye-catching as the potential could be.



As mentioned before, our goal was to bring forth the striking elements of this home. We did this by highlighing and framing out the features of the architecture by using more upright boxwoods, such as around the picture window in the front We also decided to enlarge the garden beds to make them more proportional to the home.

To create the color the homeowner craved, we utilized one of our favorite plant combinations for a sunny front foundation planting. Here we have boxwood for evergreen interest as well as amsonia, which adds a soft texture of small blue flowers that becomes a beautiful orange color in the spring, Salvia was included as well. These flowers offer a playful and more structured texture to the garden. Who doesn't love a pink rose for a pop of color that lasts a long time?

These after pictures were taken one year after installation and we couldn't be happier. we will be back this year to check on the progress and how to check on how the plants have been established. The goal of a designer when adding curb appeal is to work in harmony with the home and not have the landscaping take over it.


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