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Add interest to your winter garden

Landscape design is a year round affair. Each season allows for different shades of color, shapes, fragrance and focal points. Winter need not be a let down from the beautiful foliage of Autumn days. In fact, winter is an opportunity to appreciate the details in your landscape often overlooked during the warmer months.

Winter interest isn't just limited to the more brilliant foliage of conifers during winter months. Varieties of trees and shrubs can show off anything from sculptural branching to textural or unique bark color. An assortment of ornamental grasses and perennials offer the softer side of structure and Winter interest in the landscape while providing seed heads to feed the birds through the winter months. Attracting birds are another opportunity to bring excitement to the winter garden. Native trees and shrubs with fruit persisting into winter provide food and shelter for birds in your area.

With some forethought and design, your winter landscape will be another wonderful season in the garden.

Contact your Landscape Designer to help you in making the correct choices for maximum impact. Not only can they help you with texture, structure and native plant selection, but they can also help you choose the plant material for your winter garden to create your desired winter season look.

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