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Award-Winning Landscape Design in Westchester, NY


Zavaglia Associates is a professional landscape design firm based in Westchester, NY.  We design one-of-a kind landscape environments that are hand-tailored to our client's culture, tastes, and desires - our overarching goal is "to exceed our client's expectations."  We are obsessed with creative ideas, inspired by nature, and passionate about the spaces we create through an intuitive and analytical design process.  We are especially interested in working with nature and the ecology of the land to develop plans and protocols for sustainable living landscapes by blending the best of green technology with artistic sensibilities. 

Zavaglia Associates, in tandem with their sister landscape maintenance and masonry company, Anthony Zavaglia Inc, would love to help bring your landscape goals to fruition. Our foundation is built on a talented platform of designers and craftsmen that collaborate closely to realize your dream project for your home.



"Zavaglia Associates did a wonderful job with our home gardens: they worked diligently with us to assess our preferences, provided detailed renderings and an accurate estimate that stayed within our budget.

In a nod to being resourceful, ZA replanted/transplanted as many healthy plants as possible, spending the extra time to assess both the health of the plants as well as their visual appeal to make sure they were relocated to the ideal locations on the property where they could thrive.

Jess, her husband Tony, and the ZA team were all on hand throughout the entire process — they really take ownership of the project and pride in their work.  The project was executed in a timely manner, such that we now have a beautiful new garden to enjoy with virtually no disruption."
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