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Experience the magic of a steep-slope-to-oasis transformation in Larchmont. The innovative landscape design seamlessly integrates historical elements, curated gardens, and immersive fire pit areas, setting the standard for captivating outdoor vignettes that incorporate the indigenous rocks and landscape features of this picturesque region in Westchester County, New York.

Transforming the challenging sloped backyard into a captivating outdoor oasis was a project rooted in addressing the family's unique needs and blending seamlessly with the traditional aesthetic of their new Larchmont home.


The family sought to accommodate their large extended family with additional seating areas and entertainment zones across their 1-acre property. The steep, sloped backyard posed a challenge, requiring grading to flatten the space and create a welcoming fire pit patio area for family gatherings. The project also aimed to establish a lounge area, enhance circulation from the lower parking area to the redesigned spaces, facilitate easy movement from patios to the lower backyard, and introduce a planting plan with captivating seasonal interest.

To fulfill these objectives, while also embracing the clients' traditional style, characterized by curving lines, rounded corners, and a preference for warmer neutral tones, we crafted a design that resonated with their vision. The first lounge area, featuring irregular-shaped bluestone, was strategically designed for maximum seating and usable green space.

Terrace walls, constructed with locally sourced stones, paid homage to the farmhouse's original walls. Artifacts discovered during site work were seamlessly integrated, adding a historical touch to the property. The immersive patio fire pit area became a focal point for large group entertainment, incorporating natural wood storage and bench seating. Thoughtful lighting design played a dual role, extending the usability of the space into shorter days and ensuring safety. Moonlighting techniques created a captivating ambiance, offering different zones for varied moods. Curved terrace walls and steps, crafted from large slabs of stones, honored the property's history, evoking a timeless feel. A breezeway connecting the garage to the backyard served as a functional and aesthetic bridge, while gracious steps seamlessly linked different levels. Loose, meadow-style gardens infused vibrant colors, providing a dynamic backdrop. A black fence, chosen for both safety and visual subtlety, seamlessly blended into the surroundings.

This project stands as a testament to transforming challenges into opportunities, resulting in a stunning and functional outdoor space that perfectly aligns with the family's lifestyle and the rich history of their Larchmont property.

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