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Discover the transformation of a challenging slope into an enchanting outdoor retreat. Our landscape design features a patio for lounging, a cozy fireplace, vibrant planting plans, and practical solutions for erosion control. Experience the seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

Transforming a challenging sloped property into an enchanting outdoor retreat, our project addressed the diverse needs of the clients, weaving practical solutions seamlessly with aesthetic appeal.

The clients envisioned a multifunctional outdoor space with a patio for lounging, a fireplace, a dining area, a lounging space, and a vibrant planting plan. The steep slope and a massive rock on the property presented unique challenges that needed thoughtful solutions.

Embracing the natural rock formation, we crafted a curved retaining wall that not only worked harmoniously with the rock but also provided structure to the patio and balanced the slope. Traditional planting beds with pollinator-friendly plants were strategically placed behind the retaining wall, creating seasonal interest and offering cut flowers for the clients.

Two patios were softened by a lush planting bed between them, creating a visually appealing transition. Careful consideration was given to furniture selection, catering to the clients' love for outdoor entertainment, reading, and work. Irregular stepping stones formed a pathway from the front to the back, enhancing the organic feel of the space.

Practical elements included storage for garbage, a fence for aesthetics and deer control, and organic-shaped steps leading to an otherwise unused area of the property. Hardscape lighting illuminated the walls, enhancing the beauty of the outdoor space at night, while strategically placed lights highlighted the lush plantings.

Preserving the visual integrity from inside the house was a priority, guiding our design choices. Erosion control on the slope was addressed through careful plant selection and additional blocks to secure the soil. Collaboration with a plumber and electrician facilitated the installation of gas lines for the fireplace.

To provide shade, moveable umbrellas were seamlessly integrated into the design, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. The result is an inviting and functional outdoor haven that not only overcame the challenges of the slope but also transformed them into defining features of the property

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