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Copy of 16 Wyndham Rd Scarsdale, NY 1058316 Wyndham Rd Scarsdale, NY 1058316 Wyndham Rd Sc

Transformation of a classic colonial into a contemporary haven, blending modern interior design with outdoor expansion. This meticulous restoration, addition of outdoor living spaces, and innovative solutions for steep slope challenges, creates a seamless blend of modernity and functionality.

With a husband hailing from California craving year-round greenery and a desire for a modern, clean interior, the couple embarked on renovating their dream home. Restoration of the interior with modern design elements was coupled with an addition to extend the kitchen into the family room, mirroring the need to expand outdoor living spaces for extended sitting and cooking areas.

Navigating challenges posed by a steep slope, including stringent planning board regulations and engineering requirements, the project aimed to create a usable backyard while screening undesirable views of the surrounding landscape. Front yard goals centered on creating a welcoming garden space with seating, catering to the family's daily routines and enhancing curb appeal. 

 Intensive planning and engineering efforts were undertaken to address the steep slope, including the construction of a 15-foot retaining wall with meticulous attention to safety and neighborhood considerations. Curved to blend seamlessly with the property's contours, the wall doubled as a garden screen, adorned with fast-growing trees to shield neighboring views.


The backyard design catered to family activities, featuring space for soccer, catch, and a swingset, alongside a stone patio housing an outdoor kitchen with all the amenities. Transition from front to back was marked by an elegant white garden, guiding guests with large stepping stones while specimen tree lighting enhanced safety and extended outdoor enjoyment into the night, integrated with modern technology for seamless control.

The result is a stunning marriage of modern design sensibilities with family-centric functionality. From the welcoming front garden to the expansive yet intimate backyard, every detail reflects the family's lifestyle and aesthetic preferences, creating a haven where modernity meets timeless elegance, ready to be enjoyed for years to come.

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