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Transforming a Larchmont Manor Home into a Timeless Outdoor Haven: Modern and traditional landscape design combining historical charm with family-friendly functionality, featuring terraces, a custom fireplace with bench storage, an outdoor kitchen, and curated plantings for year-round enjoyment.

In transforming this Larchmont Manor home, our focus was on addressing a comprehensive wish list and solving a variety of challenges to create a harmonious and timeless outdoor haven. The client's desires included flattening the back yard, introducing terraces instead of a large wall, implementing a modern and traditional planting plan with four-season interest, and incorporating key elements like a fireplace, fire storage, kitchen, lounging area, dining space, pathways, steps, lighting, and an extension of the existing front patio—all while preserving the historical features of the home.

To fulfill these objectives, we strategically flattened the rear yard, integrating terraces and steps for a seamless transition. Our approach involved a delicate balance of modern and traditional design elements. For the modern aspect, we incorporated straight lines in the planting, patio, fireplace, and benches, using materials such as wood, gravel, bluestone, and cool gray stone veneer. Simultaneously, we infused a traditional touch with plant selections featuring flowers, bright colors, green shrubs, and species diversity, along with curved pathways and steps.

The fireplace, crafted for extended usage, became a focal point, utilizing natural wood for a nostalgic feel and custom bench storage to address practical needs. The outdoor kitchen was meticulously designed for functionality and easy access, featuring a large grill, sink, fridge, and an overhang for bar stools. Lounging and dining areas were strategically separated using materials in a cool color palette, with bluestone for the dining space and gravel for the lounging area, chosen for its cost-effectiveness and tactile appeal.

The front yard redesign seamlessly expanded the usable outdoor space, incorporating a larger sitting area with a fire table that can be enjoyed throughout the year. The careful selection of materials ensure a seamless match with the original home, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and symmetry. Circulation was a key consideration, leading to the redesign of existing steps, incorporating lights for safety, especially for aging parents and young children. Curved paths were introduced for a more traditional look and feel, enhancing visual interest.


The result is a family-friendly backyard and front yard with multiple areas for year-round use. By skillfully blending modern and traditional elements, we've created an outdoor space that not only meets the needs of the present but also complements the historical features of the Larchmont Manor home, promising enjoyment for many years to come.

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