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Explore the enduring beauty of coastal gardens through generations. From storm resilience to vibrant transformations, our design embraces pastels, curated textures, and sustainability. Revel in the parterre's formal elegance, the meadow's vibrant pollinators, and a garden that seamlessly weaves indoors and outdoors.

Embarking on a journey spanning generations, our enduring partnership with this cherished client began with Tony's high school days and has evolved through various property transformations, each telling a unique story of resilience and renewal. From the aftermath of superstorm Sandy to the latest design, our focus has been on understanding and adapting to the evolving goals of this family.

The recent design aimed at addressing the layering of plants in perennial beds, with a crucial consideration for salt tolerance due to the waterfront location. A pastel color palette of pinks, purples, whites, and blues was carefully chosen, ensuring seasonal interest and texture even when plants are not in bloom. The goal was to create a visually stunning garden that could be enjoyed both from the home and the backyard patios.

Inspired by the Burle Marx gardens, we crafted large curved beds, creating a circular movement for the eyes and maximizing enjoyment from various viewpoints. Vistas were carefully framed to capture the breathtaking views of the Long Island Sound. Pathways, inspired by the textures of stones during low tide, were adorned with three different stones and planted with complementary vegetation like chicks and hens and thyme.

The pool garden underwent a vibrant transformation with rich purples, pinks, and whites, eliminating warm hot colors from the original design. The parterre garden emerged as a spectacular example of a formal garden, visible and admired from every corner of the interior. Cuttings from this garden bring the outside inside, exemplifying a seamless integration of interior and exterior spaces. The rock garden redesign introduced a new circulation and flow, creating a timeless feel with carefully placed rocks and steps. The meadow garden, abundant with textures, colors, and pollinators, champions sensibility and sustainability.

A crowning achievement was the garden's role in a significant family event—their daughter's wedding. Documenting the garden throughout the preceding year provided inspiration for the florals, showcasing the garden's versatility and enduring beauty. The garden's ongoing story is meticulously documented in a journal, allowing for continuous review, analysis, and refinement—a testament to a client aligned with our commitment to sustainability and shared core values.

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