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Explore a harmonious fusion of modern aesthetics and coastal charm in our Mamaroneck waterfront landscape design. From native plant palettes to bluestone pathways, experience the elegance of seasonal gardens and captivating lighting plans.

Crafting a seamless blend of modern aesthetics and native plant requirements, our project in Mamaroneck unfolded as a collaborative effort with the architect to design a distinctive planting plan and walkways. Faced with municipal requirements for native plants, we embraced the challenge by marrying the client's clean modern aesthetic with the need for a native plant palette, ensuring permit approval.

For the garden and pathways, we meticulously applied straight lines, curating a sophisticated white and purple palette punctuated by pops of pink for seasonal interest. The primary pathway, constructed with bluestone, established a welcoming approach from the road to the house. Complementing this, the secondary pathway, featuring a mix of bluestone and gravel, introduced a beach-inspired touch, harmonizing with the waterfront property's surroundings.

Screening neighboring properties was a crucial consideration, requiring a thoughtful approach to preserve desired views while obscuring unwanted ones. Site visits to neighboring properties allowed us to fine-tune our design solutions, ensuring a balance that respected both privacy and borrowed landscapes of the water.

Incorporating lighting as a transformative element, our design aimed to seamlessly transition the yard through seasons and times of day. Path lights not only served for safety but also added visual interest. Holistically illuminating the house and gardens, our layered lighting plan heightened the sophistication of the outdoor space, creating a captivating atmosphere from summer to winter and day to night.

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