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Creating the Backyard of Your Dreams: When to start planning and what you should consider



The most important thing I ask new clients when they come to me is:

What have you been dreaming about doing in your backyard that will help you create memories for years to come?

Do you envision a cozy fire feature such as a fireplace or fire pit? Have you been wishing for a new patio or a pergola or new walkways to highlight your property? Do you see yourself with the addition of a new pool or hot tub or a native plant garden?

All of the outdoor elements mentioned above do require extensive preparation. The best time to start planning to create your dream outdoor spaces is during the winter. Once the spring comes, there is often a high influx of other individuals who are already prepared to go into installation of their projects. We have found that the winter months allows our design team more time to get to know you better as a client. With this knowledge in hand, we can put together a design that will not only reflect your personal style but will enhance your property as well.


Creating your vision

As you start planning for a new landscape design, there are some important items you should consider:

  • How do you envision using your outdoor space?

(Example: Do you see yourself cooking and sharing meals with others in an outdoor kitchen/dining area? Do you want to have cozy evenings around a fire element making smores with your children or sharing a glass of wine with your friends?)

  • Who are you entertaining and how many people does that look like?

  • What is your aesthetic?

(Example: Do you consider your personal style more modern with a minamilistic, contemporary flair? Do your tastes lean more toward traditional options for your outdoor spaces? Do you prefer soft pastels and subtle accent pieces or instead enjoy more bright, bold colors and choices? The sky is the limit!)

  • What types of elements do you want in your space?

(Example: walkways, hot tub, pergola, pool, patio, fire place/fire pit, lighting etc.)

These are just a few of the questions I like for clients to consider as we start the planning stages together.


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