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BEFORE AND AFTER - Westchester Larchmont Manor Home

February 2024

Elegant curving stone staircase highlights terrace garden

This is a historical home in the picturesque manor of Larchmont, NY. The house started with a full renovation of the interior before the homeowners decided to then move into updating the exterior. It was so important that the landscape design maintained the history of the home while also updating the usage of the property to fit what this young family needed.

Before and After Photos - Rear Yard Transformation

This overgrown backyard that took over a beautiful historical home in Larchmont Manor needed to be redesigned for the homeowners to have a safe way to access the upper terrace from the lower terrace of the property. The solution was creating a terraced garden designed with shade-tolerant plants that would flourish in the backyard. To connect the upper terrace to the lower terrace, we then constructed a beautiful stone staircase that curved elegantly and bisected the terrace garden, while also appearing to naturally complement the hilly terrain.

Before and After Photos - Front Yard Transformation

The front yard also brought some challenges. The client requested a sitting area in the front of the home. Since our goal was to maintain the historical integrity of the property, we decided to extend the existing patio. So that meant we also had to match the existing patio walls to the new walls we were constructing. A lot of research and many site visits to quarries occurred to find the perfect stones that would match this special project. Once the patio was completed, we added a traditional and modern plant palette whose blooming periods provided ebbs and flows of colors all year round. Once completed, this beautiful addition looks as if it originally came with the home.

Before and After Photos - Rear Yard Patio Transformation

The area that led off the home was also overgrown with plant life and included some odd paths made of brick that seemed out of place on the property. We were able to envision the amazing potential this unusable backyard had and transformed it into a beautiful multi-purpose space that included a bluestone patio and a stone veneer custom kitchen with a bar area. We created a custom wood-burning stove with a sitting bench and functional wood storage underneath. Again, as with the other areas of the property, we took care that our materials and design appeared cohesive with existing stonework and the spirit of this beautiful historic home.


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