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Fall Bulb Planting: Spring Ahead

Cooler daytime temperatures and shortened daylight hours are when we begin readying our gardens for the dormant winter season. Now is also the time to plant bulbs for a beautiful Spring display of flowers. The number of varieties increase every Fall, making all the choices so tempting. Crocuses are the tiny first bloomers that harken Spring with pops of color after the long gray winter. Then there are the daffodils and tulips that come in a staggering range of colors and textures. Further explore the fall bulb planting possibilities with alliums, iris, anemone. They provide endless planting combinations. Contact your Landscape Designer to help you in making the correct choices for maximum impact. Not only can they help you with color palettes, but they can also help you choose bulbs that will bloom at different times, giving you a nonstop parade of spring blooms. Don't forget to ask about planting containers with bulbs and naturalizing with bulbs, two beautiful ways to add color and texture to your garden using Spring flowering bulbs

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