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September Update

I love the summer, and this past one was particularly special. After a very busy spring, a long visit to my hometown in Italy provided ample time with friends and family. Nurturing my children’s bonds to their family’s culture and roots is so important to us. We returned feeling nourished physically and spiritually --- and totally inspired! This fall I’ve been invited to teach a course at the New York Botanical Gardens as part of their Landscape Design Certification program. I’ll be sharing my enthusiasm as a design professional as well as my insights into launching a successful business platform. I’m so excited for this opportunity to help my fellow designers bring their concepts to life!

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Your outdoor space isn’t just for spring picnics or summer BBQs. Autumn is a wonderful time to be outside enjoying your yard. The weather is oh-so-pleasant and those pesky bugs are calming down. Why not take the opportunity to extend your season by adding an outdoor seating area around a firepit? There are so many options for both permanent and seasonal set-ups. Add lighting so you can take advantage of those early twilight evenings into October and even beyond!

Purposefully Plan

Before you buy any foliage or furniture, I love to sit down with my design clients to understand how they see themselves using their outdoor space. Perhaps this is the place where the kids throw a ball and the family plays. Or maybe they envision hosting large gatherings or intimate dinners - or both! That vision provides the foundation for all of the decisions on the path to realizing your ideal outdoor plan.

What's Your Style?

Like the interior of your home, your outdoor space should reflect your sense of style. What colors, textures, and patterns are you drawn to? Helping my clients plan and achieve a particular look that will buoy their mood and inspire them throughout the seasons is perhaps my favorite part of the design process. Choosing a theme frames our journey towards creating the perfect personalized outdoor space.

(Re)Consider Your Pros and Cons

Every outdoor space has its strengths. “Look for the power spot,” said Jan Johnsen, author of “Gardentopia: Design Basics for Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces.” Once you find your power spot, “then you work around that.” Whether you enjoy a beautiful harbor view or overlook marshlands, we can help you identify areas of interest on your property, or help you create them! Even a previously considered eyesore like a large rock in the middle of your yard can be transformed into an asset with the right lighting, foliage, and eye for balance.





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